Jason Vivone and The Billy Bats

Blues in the Northwest EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE Review

Apr 15, 2014

Eddie Ate Dynamite review by Brian Harman from Blues in the Northwest:

Where bands like the B52’s focused on the attractions of pulp science fiction in the fifties and sixties, Jason and his merry band of Kansas City musical explorers, who are; Jason himself on vocals and slide, Paula Crawford; guitar and vocals, Joanna Berkebile; vocals, Rick MacIvor; keyboards, Ben Hoppes; electric banjo, Jeremy Clark; bass and Matt Bustamante on drums, take us further on than the Yellow Brick Road could ever possibly have gone; for they do not seem to have any aims, targets or destinations, simply a lust for life that includes everything from Loony Tunes, Hawaiian grooves and goodtime blues through to Raymond Chandler, Orson Wells dramatics and quips and quotes from Shakespeare.
Over the nine original and mind expanding numbers we sidle up close to the twilight zone of mirth and nostalgia. (more…)

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EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE Airplay for February 2014

Mar 21, 2014

Tons of new plays for February!


02/15/2014 Boom Boom, RUN 88.1 FM, Beez, Belgium
02/16/2014 Blues und Folk, Hamburg, Germany
02/18/2014 Closing Time, 92.4 FM, Reims, France
02/21/2014 Babou Blues Show, GEIN 87.9 FM, Orleans, France
02/21/2014 Crossroads, 88.2 FM, Ouverte, France
02/21/2014 Rue D Auteuil, CKRL 89.1 FM, Quebec City, Canada
02/21/2014 Blues Time, Tea Tree Gully, Australia
02/23/2014 Blues Till Noon, WQCY 103.9 FM, Quincy, IL


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EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE Airplay for January 2014

Mar 19, 2014


01/28/2014 Bluesy Tehnico Show, Krizevci, Croatia
01/31/2014 Eclectic Chair, WUCX 90.1 FM, Bay City, MI


01/26/2014 21st Century Blues, Everywhere


01/28/2014 Bluesy Tehnico Show, Krizevci, Croatia

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Norman Transcript EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE Review

Mar 16, 2014

Eddie Ate Dynamite review by Doug Hill from Norman Transcript:

Why you should listen: All you have to do is glance at this album’s cover art to know it’s going to be a twisted listen. A stick of high explosive in a hot dog bun on grandma’s red and white check tablecloth is certifiably bent. The picture goes to title track “Eddie Ate Dynamite” (“Then he asked me for a light”). It’s a novelty tune that takes on a surreal quality half way through the number with a church lady-style choir chanting, “Eat that dynamite!” (more…)

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PBS 106.7 Peter Merrett EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE Review

Feb 4, 2014

Eddie Ate Dynamite review by Peter Merrett from PBS 106.7, Melbourne, Australia:

“*** Track 1. “Cut Those Apron Strings
Vivone and the Billy Bats come out swingin with the help of not only the Billy Bats but also Redmond and Boyston from Grand Marquis. Vivone falls into his quirky best with this Retro Swing inspired piece that showcases his slide playing, here with a tinges of Hawaiian. The band responds to the interplay of this vocal duet with wonderful eight to the bar, an absolute joy to hear. (more…)

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